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Massage XP IV

The Massage XP4® – This hands-free electronic massager offers you the option to listen to music or watch video as well as enjoy a relaxing massager! The Massage XP4 also offers a full color LCD display. You can store music MP3 files or video MP4 files on the 2GB internal memory. Now while you enjoy a relaxing massage you can listen to music or watch movie as well. The USB port and cable make not only charge the massager, but it makes transferring files easy, just connect it to your computer and download! This model also offers a slot of a Mini SD card slot, which gives you the option to expand the internal memory (card not included). Included: The Massage XP4 unit, (1) set of pad wires, (1)set of large pads, (1) set of small pads, USB cable, headphones, Acupuncture chart, AC adapter/charger.

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